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About Us

Fajr-e-Tosea Consulting Engineers Co. was originally established as Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning Group in the scientific research institution of JDEVS in 1980. The Group was commissioned consulting projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning and civil engineering since its commencement. In 1992 in order to officially expand our consulting activities, the Group was registered as Fajr-Tose'e Consulting Corporation under the affiliation of JDEVS, the registration number is 94300. This Consulting Engineer was assessed and graded by Contractors and Counselors Affairs Office of Planning and Budget Organization. The rank of the consulting engineers has been upgraded at four stages since then and now we are able to claim that our consulting office is a well known practice with one of the highest ranking consulting firms in the country. We are well confident that due to our academic affiliations and extensive experiences Fajr-Tose'e can provide excellent consulting tasks in the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning that facilitate the growth and development of the country.

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